little TILDA

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LIMITED EDITION silk scarf! Available for IMMEDIATE shipping


SHIT is a word suitable for describing just about everything in life. Also you must know, I do not spew profanities. I take my time and enunciate them properly because I am a fucking lady after all. You don't believe me? Oh I do hold my pinkie out when I write really mean texts…..

This SILK SCARF is artisanally made from the finest 100% pure Italian silk. It's smooth, has a wonderful drape and excellent durability for its medium weight. Finished with finely rolled hand-stitched edges. Drape it or tie it around the neck over a simple tee, wear it on your head for that vintage boho feel or tie it on your favourite bag. So Cute. There are a 1'000 ways you can wear a silk scarf!    


MATERIAL: 100% pure Italian SILK, very durableexcellent drape! 

SIZE: 75cm x 75cm (29,5inches x 29,5inches)